LIBRE/FREE (2002) was Four24's rookie entry into the world of Christian Music. As freshmen in the industry, the guys had a lot to learn about the recording process and the challenges of releasing an independent album. The project was completely self-funded. Most band members reached in their own pockets to pay for studio time, mixing, production and marketing. It was a challenge, but they continued to push forward with passion.  This album was more than simply a try at the Christian music industry. LIBRE/FREE represented the freedom that Four24 wanted to experience in worship.  It also presented an opportunity for them to take their music beyond the four walls of the church; to serve its true purpose: encouraging and strengthening others. LIBRE/FREE does exactly that with a classic but relevant approach.  The energetic tracks "Don't Rush It" and "Now is the Time" became their anthems at early live concerts.  Other songs like "Libre" and " Quien Eres Tu?" passionately tell the story of the woman caught in adultery and the Savior who pardoned her sins.  Still other entries like "A Quiet Place" and "Our Prayer" helped to establish the trademark harmonies that defined Four24. The album also features two classical piano instrumentals from Four24's former vocal arranger and pianist, Daniel Arrebato. From instrumentals to harmonies, English to Spanish worship, LIBRE/FREE has a fresh mix of music that helped to establish Four24 as a powerful worship band.




Our Prayer - Music and Lyrics by: Alex Ortiz

Use us Lord / for your will / Take my voice / and make it an instrument to praise Your name / This we pray / use us today / Aah / And make it an instrument / To praise Your name / Your name / Amen


In the Name of the Lord - Music and lyrics by: Armando Aizpurua

When your feeling sad and lonely / And your heart is in despair / And you feel there’s no hope in your life / Just put you faith in Jesus / Let Him brighten up your day / He’ll wipe your tears away / And in heart he’ll stay / Remember David when he stood up to the giant named Goliath / It was the battle of the Rock against the sword / Remember Peter when he tried to walk on the water like the master / But to save himself he called out to the Lord / In the name of the Lord / He can open up your eyes, He’ll help you realize / In Him your hope will rise / So just give the Lord a call / He’ll be there when you fall / God is with you through it all / He can open up your eyes, He’ll help you realize / In Him your hope will rise / Come to Him in all you do, ‘cause one thing I know is true / He’s waiting just for you / He is waiting just for you / He is waiting just for you.


Oh What a Feeling - Music by: Daniel Arrebato; English lyrics by: Alex Ortiz

For God so loved us He gave His one and only Son / Whoever believes in Him, already has the victory won / Oh, what a feeling, to know that He loves me / He showed it the day when He died on the cross / Because of His mercy, I am forgiven / He gave His life so He might save the lost / His grace is greater than any gift you could receive / His light will shine on you, if you can just believe / When darkness comes and I can’t find my way / His light will shine when on my knees I pray / Now I know, He’s with me wherever I go / His love will be right by my side / Forever until the end of time


Now is the Time - Music and Lyrics by: Alex Ortiz

I know that you’ve been troubled / I know what you’ve been through / I see the pain that you endure, and the hurt surrounding you / He says, “My child, you’re not alone, I am with you for always” / So don’t be down, keep your chin up / He promised there’d be better days / Just lift your hands to the sky / And praise His name on high / There’s no reason to cry / Because the Lord is standing by / Now is the time, here is the place / To Worship Christ the Lord / Now is the time, here is the place / To Worship Christ the Lord / When the storm is knocking down your door / Lift your hands up to the Lord and praise Him / If you feel the rain that’s pourin’ down / Put your feet on solid ground and praise Him / (rap) Its hard to stay happy when trouble is near / But just hold on to Christ and have no fear / ‘Cause when Satan attacks, one thing’s a fact / Jesus Christ got your back and He puts the smack-down on the devil / ‘cause he’s a rebel without a cause or a pause / Hoping that you might be lost, but who’s my boss? / The Prince of Peace, the only Savior / Talkin’ about life with an everlasting flavor / First He’ll forgive your sin, change you from within, Then your journey can begin / What a friend we have in Him / Now I can win and you can do the same / Just lift up your voice and call His name / He’s Jesus, Johovah Jireh, my Provider / Lift me up higher, my hearts on fire / A live wire energizing my soul / When sin takes its toll, my God takes full control


Don't Rush It - Music and Lyrics by: Ruben Duany Jr.

Densas son, las tinieblas que rodean mi alma al horar / Cuanto mas, debo esperar porque senor no te oigo contestar / En tu fe, he simentado mi esperanza al oir tu voz / Donde esta tu manto para tocar / Don’t rush it / Clear was the voice I heard from heaven / Don’t rush it / For you I’ll carry all the burdens / Don’t rush it / In time your prayers will be answered / Don’t rush it / Faith is the substance of what you can’t see / Don’t rush it / Don’t rush it / Don’t rush it / Don’t rush it / Wipe your tears / With the assurance that the love I have for you is real / I am here / Have the knowledge that beneath my wings there is no fear / Face to face / I’ll explain the things your mind could never understand / In a while / I’ll be there to take your hand / Cuando en dolor yo lloro, grito asi: ah ah / Donde esta el Cristo que puede a mi sanar / El me dice la trompeta sonara: Pa Pa Ra Pa…Pa Ra / No mas llanto, ni dolor, ni enfermedad habra / Si tu oracion no puedo ahora contestar / En el cielo a mi diestra te podras sentar / Cuando pases por el fuego no te quemaras / Y si algo como oro te refinaras / Mientras que en el cielo un silencio grande habra / La Trompeta sonara…PA PA PA PA PA


Honor & Power - (Instrumental) - Music by: Daniel Arrebato


Quien Eres Tu? - Music and Lyrics by: Ruben Duany Jr.

Hoy me estremesco al oir hablar / Del que flaquea o del que cae / Quien eres tu para asi actuar / Si tu bien sabes que el juzgar es mal / Alli le viste por ti pasar / Ni le miraste, ni le quisiste reir / Quien eres tu para asi actuar / Si tu bien sabes que el juzgar es mal / El hijo de Dios en la arena escribio / Los pecados de aquellos que creian ser Dios / Y al irse el viento las letras borro / Y la mujer acusada gozo del perdon / De mi Cristo hablare, su amor y gloria, su poder / Mi boca solo se abrira, para su nombre alabar / De mi Cristo hablare, su amor y gloria, su poder / Mi boca solo se abrira, para su nombre alabar / No juzgues el mal de tu hermano al pecar / Tan solo ayudalo a andar y su alma ganar / Si siete veces le ves en el pozo caer / Siete veces le debes tu mano extender


A Quiet Place - Music and lyrics by Norman C Brown

There is a quiet place / Far from the rapid pace / Where God can soothe my troubled mind / Sheltered by tree and flower / There is my quiet hour / With Him, my care are left behind / Whether a garden small / Or on a mountain tall / New strength and courage there I find / Then from this quiet place / I go prepared to face / A new day with love for all mankind / Quiet Place / I find in Jesus / Quiet place 


Libre - Music and Lyrics: Armando Aizpurua

La rodearon / Por su error debia pagar con su vida / A apedrearla iban pues la ley lo exigia / Debia morir ese dia / Mas llego Jesus / Sin decir palabra se inclino al suelo / Comenzo a escribir pecados con el dedo / Y los dejaron solos / Que lance la primera piedra quien este libre de pecado / Que lance la primera piedra quien este libre de pecado / Ella lo miro cuando el le decia / Donde estan mujer los que te seguian / Ni yo te condeno le dijo Jesus / “Vete y no peques mas" / Ya soy libre (libre) / Dijo la mujer aquella que era libre / Lo seras tambien si confias al maestro / Todos tus pecados / Con que derecho pues juzgamos al hermano / Cuando esta necesitado de amor / Dejemos el error, miremos solo a Jesus / El mismo Jesus te dice mi hermano / Solo ven a mi, te dare mi mano / Andaremos juntos si confias en mi / No tienes nada que temer / Libre…Libre…Libre…Libre / Mis cadenas se rompio mis cargas El llevo / Soy Libre


God's Lullaby (Instrumental) - Music by: Daniel Arrebato


Estoy Seguro - Music and Lyrics by: Daniel Arrebato

Jesus me ama a mi con tan intenso amor / Que privilegio El me escogio a mi / Estoy seguro El va conmigo / Doquiera este tendre la santa luz / Que privilegio El me acompaña / Jesus promete siempre estar en mi / Aun recuerdo, El murio en aquella cruz / Que privilegio El me escogio a mi / Si en valles de, peligro me toca estar / Si por altas cumbres, yo tengo que pasar / Seguro estoy, si solo en sombras voy / Yo se que mi Jesus ira conmigo, El lo promete