From the recording Let's All Praise Him


My only purpose is to worship
I was created to give You praise
And though my effort is imperfect,
Take it, transform it, Lord
Make it pleasing in Your sight
And though I may not be worthy
O Lord, to give You the glory
I will stand and shout, I'll rejoice and sing
For You are Lord of everything!
Let's all praise Him, Let's all praise Him
Let's all praise, praise the King of Kings
Take this offering of praise, I give it all to You
I humbly empty my heart to You
Just like the widow's mites before Your eyes
We must give it all
The enemy is approaching
He's trying hard 'cause he knows the time's at hand
But the Lord is my refuge
And on His promises I know I can stand
I will sing hallelujah
And give Him glory for all He's done for me
I can barely contain it
So I'll tell it to everyone I see