A Higher Place was the 2005 EP release from Four24. Short, but sweet is the perfect way to describe the 5-track sophomore recording from the band. The album includes "I Thank God for You", an original wedding song that has had substantial success on Christian radio. Many young couples have chosen this song to be the theme to their wedding ceremony. A HIGHER PLACE also includes a little Spanish flavor. The uptempo beats and production on "Rema" makes it a crowd-favorite, especially among the younger generations. The passionate lead vocal performance on "Carisimo" has moved listeners to look into themselves and realize the value that God has placed our each of our lives. This EP also includes a special bonus track that is an amazing version of the National Anthem. It is arranged and performed in the vintage Four24 a capella style, with sudden vocal changes and movements that reflect classical and jazz roots. Finally, there is "Back into Your Arms", a thought-provoking song that reveals the heart of a modern-day prodigal son. It is another example of how Four24 used this album to explore deeper messages and make songs that have a positive influence on the listener, leaving them yearning for more.




I Thank God For You - Lyrics and music by Alex Ortiz

Soon you'll be my bride / I can't wait, I feel anxious inside / Two will become one / With a love that shines bright as the sun / Darling, I love you / And there's nothing I'd rather do / Than to spend my life with you / Today and for always / Every time I see that smile on your face / Every time I feel your warm embrace / I thank God for you, for giving you to me / Every time I feel your gentle touch / I'm reminded of this perfect love / For all you do / I thank God for you / This love we found will last forever / No man can separate what God has put together / The perfect union / with a seal from above / Every time I see / Every time I see that smile on your face / Every time I feel your warm embrace / I thank God for you / for giving you to me / Every time I feel your gentle touch / I'm reminded of this perfect love / For all you do / I thank God for you


Rema - Lyrics and music by Ruben Duany Jr. 

Cuando en el mar, al caminar / Como Pedro dejo a Cristo Yo de mirar / Me voy al fondo muy a lo hondo / Y solo Cristo me puede salvar / Debes saber / no es un fantasma lo que ves / Si no al revez / Es Cristo que viene a tus pies / Yo soy, no temas / Tu faro en las pruebas / Cuando en el mar / Solo a mi debes remar / Ten en Cristo fe / Ten en Cristo fe / Ten en Cristo fe / Rema, rema, ream / Que Cristo te espera / No es un fantasma que camina sobre el agua / O fantasias de astrologia humana / Es Jesuscristo que me guia de la mano / Sigue adelante / Que Cristo va a tu lado / Faith, more than a word, it's a mission / Listen closely for the proper definition / Your wishing' to somehow cure your condition / While the devil tries to pound you into submission / In addition, your faith is revealed by your actions / And in subtraction / Its in a Godly reaction / Don't give in to your earthly passion / Keep livin' your life to the Lord's satisfaction / Impossible, huh, not quite / I can do all things through the Lord, Jesus Christ / He taught me to walk by faith, not by site / In the dark, He's the light / When I'm wrong, He's right / When I lose, He wins / When I'm done, He begins / He came into my life and erased on my sins / No te apures, Cristo te espera / R-E-M-A, Rema / El sordo oyo / El mudo hablo / A Lazaro de muerte resucito / Los dies leprosos / se fueron gozosos / Al sanarles el mal / Debes saber, si quieres a Cristo tener / Y siempre ver / Que El tiene el poder / Navega listo / A seguir Cristo / El es el faro en el mar


Back Into Your Arms - Lyrics and music by Alex Ortiz

Sometimes I walk away from Your love and I fall / But when I go astray, I can hear Your soft voice call / If I wander far and wide / You are still right by my side / When I fear of pain and harm / You lead me back into Your arms / Back into Your arms / Back into Your arms / Your arms of love, they have been my strength / In the cold they've kept me warm / The ones that have held me through the rain / My fortress in the storm / No, I'll never again leave Your presence / No, I'll never leave Your side / No never, not ever again / When my heart was filled with doubt / You showed me just what love is all about / Now I see that You care from me / Your love gives me peace and harmony


Carisimo - Lyrics and music by Ruben Duany

Carisimo / Esa es la estima que el Senor ha puesto en mi / Carisimo / Tanto que el murio por mi en la cruz / Carisimo, carisimo, carisimo / Y yo que nada soy porque valor me das / Si treinta piezas fueron suficiente por ti / Y asi aun mas te moriste por mi / Carisimo / Entre estrellas y planetas me me nombraste a mi / Hijo de Dios, me llamaste a mi / Carisimo / El precio fue tu sangre vertida en la cruz / Soy carisimo / Soy para ti / como la nina de tus ojos, que mas cuidas / Soy para ti / como la perla de gran precio en la parabola escondida / Soy carísimo


National Anthem (bonus track) - Lyrics by Francis Scott Key; Music by John Stafford Smith

Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light / What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming / Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight / O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming / And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air / Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there / O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave / O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?