1. Lead Me

From the recording Lead Me


Verse 1Tell me, Lord, can You hear my cry? The enemy has me in a bindSituations, getting weak, playing hide and seek, with no faith to findOther so-called remedies, they fail to please and they make a messNo other alternative, shield me with Your righteousnessChorusLead me, O Lord, in Your righteousnessLead me, O Lord, in Your righteousnessVerse 2I know I've fallen on my face, been disgraced, but it's not for longThrough Your power I can get back up, dust it off and move onAll the times I try to take control of my life and I make a messAny good that comes from me comes only from Your righteousnessBridgeI will trust in You, I will shout for joyYou're my defender. Lord, I surrender my life to You